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Stick 'em With a Fork

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1. Ride the Wild Zamboni
2. I Miss You
3. Upside Down
4. Promised Land
5. You Never Told Me
6. Dushanbe Kontrol
7. Alida
8. Time
9. New Century
10. Latin Lover
11. Wastin' My Time
Songs were originally recorded in 2003 and are copyrightę2003 Dennis J. Kent
This disc was remixed and mastered, yet again, during the summer of 2011
Cover art by Kathleen Davie, age 5

Promised Land Video

This is a video based on the song Promised Land, from Stick 'em With a Fork. Images and video were found on the internet, so I don't own the copyrights on any of them. Please don't download and/or distribute.

Warning: This video is depressing and some of the images may be disturbing to some people. If in doubt, pass on it.

Promised Land