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Rising Waters

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After several years in the making, this project went public September 20, 2013. When and if I make CDs, the covers will look like the above.

Some songs also have videos. Those consist mostly of photos and video that I have snagged off the internet. I hold copyright only on the music.

The front cover photo of the CD is mine.

You can click the song title to just listen to the song or click on "Watch the video" if there is a video to watch. Clicking the song title will produce better sound quality.

The Songs
Narooma A popular seaside resort in Austrailia. Watch the video
Great Dismal Swamp A swampy area in North Carolina and Virginia. It seemed like a great title for a song. Watch the video
The Light Sometimes you know someone who needs a little light to find their way.
Sick Over You A simple blues number
Hope I once read in the news about a city fire chief who felt very badly about the number of times his firefighters responded too late to the discovery of abandoned babies. He started buying them gravestones, naming them, and giving them proper burials.
Pussy Riot Several members of this Russian all-girl punk-rock band were sent to prison for staging a "protest concert" in Moscow's main cathedral. Watch the video
Kumari Kumari are young girls in Nepal who become revered as goddesses. They will cease to be so annoited as soon as they shed any blood or become seriously ill. Watch the video
GHF Westbory Baptist Church ranting against homosexuals, soldiers, and America in general. Watch the video
United We Stand Patriotism and a message about party politics.
Those Nights Not a true story
Rising Waters A fictional story within the larger story of Hurricane Katrina.

One would think that there would be a ton of visual content available to make a video for Rising Waters, but when I went looking for a dog picture, I made the mistake of googling "Katrina Dogs". The photos there just broke my heart and I couldn't work on the video any more.