I spend a lot of time writing music and recording it on the computer. Recording under the name D in Conduct, a series of projects are combined to make a CD album with labels and box art. I only burn a couple of copies and just put them away. I don't try and sell them. I don't send them off to record companies. I just have a couple to give away in the unlikely event that somebody knows I write music and, even more unlikely, actually wants one. I take the working files off the computer when they are done and resolve not to touch them again.

But after a year or two I feel that I have learned more about mixing and mastering, so I create new project files from the archived audio and work with them some more. However, I don't usually create any new audio. I work with what was made originally, just for the challenge of it, not that anybody would know... or care.

I use Cakewalk Sonar for my digital audio workstation and I found that loading older project files into a newer version of Sonar often causes trouble, so the removal process consists of exporting all the actual audio takes I used and archiving them.

Since I never learned the correct way to pronounce "genre", my songs don't fit into one. They tend to cover several different styles.

Finished Albums

Stick 'em With a Fork
Hearts Touch
iconRising Waters

D in Conduct are:

Lead Guitar: Dennis "Bloody Fingers" Kent
Bass Guitar: Dennis "Stinky Fingers" Kent
Harmonica: Dennis "Sonny Boy" Kent
Drums: Dennis "Jungle Boy" Kent
Keyboards: Dennis "One Finger" Kent
Vocals: Dennis "Key? What's a key?" Kent
Cello: Dennis "Yo Yo" Kent
Violin: Dennis "Skreeky" Kent

Other Stuff:

Snorky Snail

Lam Morrison: Thailand's King of Rock Guitar

Kent Guitars

Viewer discretion is advised.

Promised Land

From my album "Stick 'em With a Fork".

This is among a couple of music videos I have put together using photos and video footage I have snatched from the internet to go with a couple of my songs. I have no ownership of anything but the music.

Warning: This may be offensive or depressing for some.